Audre Nelson

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Host of "Real Talk with Audre"

Audre Nelson is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and is the host of the straight-shooting and timely podcast, “Real Talk with Audre.” Audre is a devoted single mom and enjoys the many adventures of parenting twin daughters.

Devin Kleffer

Educator, Co-Host of "Real Talk with Audre," Dude

Devin Kleffer is the organized, witty, and insightful co-host of “Real Talk with Audre.” While he’s not dueling Audre on the air, Devin enjoys a variety of passions, including culinary arts, creative writing, and snowboarding, and is currently an innovative and professional educator at a college preparatory school.

Devin is also one of the founders of “Unmistakably Star Wars,” an award winning Star Wars podcast. Devin and his family currently reside in the Santa Cruz area of California.

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